But first of all, a few words about the right birth date to be considered for this calculation, whatever the method used. Some confusion occurs about knowing when we change from one day glyph to another, In other words, when the date changes in the mayan point of view :. So your mayan birthdate could actually be the eve of your official birthdate. From a pragmatic point of view, The question really arises for those born in Western Europe only if you were born between midnight and am.

My personal experience is that people born in western europe after midnight and before sunrise are closer to the mayan day sign of the day before their official birth date.

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Manual calculation with the abacus. The abacus reproduced below are from the mayan kiche astrology birthday converter. The pattern of relationships between the 4 directions the same for everyone. This representation integrate portals and core days that are not part of the Mayan tradition. Because we will finally free ourselves from the limiting bonds of the ego, and reconnect to the Ancestors, the collective consciousness. The symbol of 4 Ancestors happens to be the Sacred calendars symbol for December 21, The Ancestors is the most revered symbol in this calendar. Because is represent the accumulated wisdom of all life on earth from the beginning of time.

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This is the future the Maya saw for us. References: Wikipedia , Tedlock , pp. Use this link to return to the Home Page New! Comments Have your say about what you just read! Leave me a comment in the box below. The Tzolkin or Sacred Mayan Calendar By Sandra Musser The Tzolkin is a mysterious day calendar based on twenty named lords with character traits that mesh with a cycle of thirteen numbers. It's unsure exactly its purpose in ancient times, but here are a few popular possibilities: The number of days, also follows the period of gestation in a human pregnancy after the last missed period.

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It could represent a planting or some other cycle, but some believe it wasn't tied to agriculture. It was also used for timing rituals.

Most likely, it was used for a similar purpose as astrology today, but using calendar signs instead of constellations. I feel he's wrong.

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The Tzolkin just may be part of the original Council Book. Astrology isn't the only area where Mayans are so detailed. They also cover agriculture just as precisely.

You know how Western Astrology looks at the four elements — earth, air, water and fire? For example, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs?

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Well, Mayan Astrology doesn't look at the elements. It looks at directions — north, south, east and west. So each of the day-signs is also assigned a direction, much like Western Astrology assigns an element to zodiac signs.