A Sneak Peek of What 2020 Will Be Like For You

They rarely blow a fuse and make for great leaders. Men born in the year of the Ox can be trusted and relied on.

Chinese Year 2020: beginning of a new astral cycle

They give out their best in everything they do. They are also able to provide for their families.

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However, their confidence can get in the way of others who try to go against the rules. They also hold unrealistic expectations toward their children. Women born in the year of the Ox are kind and capable of keeping their cool.

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They are fixated on their goals and would rarely think about choosing an alternative. Because of this, they encounter many struggles but they will walk down the road they choose regardless.

2020 Year of the Metal Rat Chinese Astrology Forecast Predictions

Oxen are most productive when working in a group. They work hard in school to build a strong foundation for their future and secure long-term and stable jobs. Their dedication and diligence make them ideal for professional and stressful positions such as doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and teachers. Oxen are also renowned by society for their technical skills and effort. Like untamed Oxen that roam the fields freely, people born in the year of the Ox are healthy and fit.

They rarely visit the hospital but too much negligence can cause problems later on in life. Because they are very hardworking, Oxen can sometimes go for days with little food and rest. This carelessness can sometimes lead to problems with the digestive system and other illnesses. In the middle stages of their lives, Oxen become prone to heart diseases and joint pains. Most if not all of these issues arise due to lack of exercise. To avoid them, Oxen have to remember to take a break every once in a while, stretch, and relax.

Having endured a rough previous year, Oxen can breathe a sigh of relief and welcome the year of the Rat with open arms. In , Oxen will find their lucky stars from someone close to them. They can emanate from a friend, a family member, or a colleague who they lend a helping hand to. There will be many events in the year that will go by quickly so Oxen must act immediately when opportunities come by.

Lucky Signs for People Born in Rat Year:

The year of the Rat is especially good for Oxen in business. They can expect their ventures to prosper during the year. Generally, Oxen may have the best luck out of all the zodiac animals in so they must take their chances and enjoy the ride. Peach flower luck is not particularly strong from Oxen in so those who are hoping to meet potential partners may have to lower their expectations. As far as married Oxen are concerned, petty people may be out to ruin their relationships.

They should be wary of overly friendly friends and keep communicating closely with their partners. The financial horoscope for the Ox in predicts a wealthy year. Whether they have a new business or investment in mind, they will most likely profit from it. They must trust their instincts when making these big decisions. For Oxen who are consultants, real estate agents, insurance agents, and freelances, clients will come knocking at your door and your income will start to increase. Oxen who were born in spring and summer will have an even better financial outlook compared to those born in winter and fall.

Oxen may get a raise in salary or promotion in if they make proper use of their decision-making and managerial abilities. Diversifying is also a good idea for Oxen in the year of the Rat. The Ox zodiac will have to strive harder to be financially rewarded in the Rat year In the process, your health will be affected, and you have to give more attention to maintain your health. Emotional well being is equally important.

Your Chinese horoscope for the Year of the Pig

You have to focus on the right diet and a proper fitness regime. All new projects should be put on hold during the year. Pay attention to present ventures and make them viable by clearing all the mess. The Rat Year promises to be a wonderful year for the Tiger zodiac with all-round progress in life. You should focus on completing your projects by perseverance and diligence.

There is no place for negativity in life and associate yourself with positive people. You must have a schedule for completion of your jobs, and you should strictly adhere to the time factor. Rabbit zodiac people should try to reduce their stress levels and pay attention to be healthy. Enough relaxation should improve your fitness. Having a cordial relationship with your spouse during is essential. All past projects should be completed, and you have to resolve all the problems in your life.

Proper planning and thinking should go into the commencement and completion of new ventures. Dragon zodiac people will have an excellent professional life with the support of colleagues and seniors. The year promises to be a highly peaceful one, and you have to pay attention to maintain well being. You will get many opportunities to enhance your social life by making new contacts. Personal life can be made more harmonious by leaving the tensions of the workplace at the office.

The year of the Rat is quite fortunate for the Snake zodiac, and you will prosper in all areas of life except health. You can maintain your health with enough relaxation and proper dietary habits. You must pay attention to your mental well being also in addition to physical fitness. Single snakes will have enough chances to meet their life partners during the year Married couples can enjoy their lives if they solve their problems with proper communication.

Predictions for the Horse zodiac for the year suggest that the year will transform your life extensively. You should review your past mistakes and make changes to your life to grow. There will be new openings for you to enhance your earnings during the year. Married life can be made fabulous with more romance and passion.

The year is convenient for going on a leisure trip with family and friends. Forecasts for Sheep zodiac people for the year envisages that all aspects of your life should be ready to accept changes. Your career, relationships, day to day life and conduct will be transformed. Money flow will be sufficient, and you should focus on cutting down unnecessary expenses. The year is not promising for expanding your business activities. Professionals can look forward to changing their jobs. Married Sheep will have more love and passion in their unions. Singles should review their existing partnerships and decide on the continuation of the love bonds.

The year of the metal Rat will alter the lives of Monkey zodiac radically. You will be more dynamic and energetic in your approach to life.


Chinese Horoscopes 2020

Financially, the year will be profitable. You will make progress in your career because of your positive attitude. You should maintain your composure during the year Socially you will make new contacts and will be quite popular with your friends.

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